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Replacement for heating cables in fire pipes in underground parking lot.

The fire pipes in underground parking lot are equipped with heating cable to prevent freezing.

The heating cable, which extends for approximately 1km, is 16watts per meter.

Consumption of electrical power is estimated at approximately 11,520kW per month and cost approcximately $10,00/year (24hours operation).

(Korean broadcating station SBS program name: Morning Wide broadcasted in December 1st, 2014) 

For reasons above, we stepped in and suggested Ice Proofy reduce electricity cost.

Before installation, though field studies, we measured length of the fire pipes and designed our blueprint.

Check the location of the ware connection at each end of the branch pipes.

(Fire piping is a fire hydrant or free action valve.)

We planned out where Ice Proofy will be installed and connected the pipes to the end of the branch pipes and connected the drain to the suitable spot. then we install Ice Proofy.

Install the drainpipe under the product.

Cover piping and drainage pipes with heat insulation.

Installation has been completed.

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