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Tunnel freeze prevention

터널은 1km이상이 되면 소방배관과 소화전을 설치하여야 합니다.

대부분의 터널은 겨울철 추위에 노출 되어 있어 배관에 열선을 시공해야 합니다.

열선을 사용하면 전기 사용 뿐만 아니라 화재 위험도 있습니다.  

​아이스프루피를 터널에 적용하기로 하였습니다.

(상기 이미지는 터널 프로젝트와 관계없음) 

먼저, 배관길이를 잽니다. 

배관길이는 터널길이와 거의 같습니다. 

​각 소화전 개소에 설치할 개수를 산정합니다.

소화전에 설치할 세부 도면을 작성합니다.

If a tunnel is longer than 1km, it must be equipped with a fire hydrant and a fire hydrant pipes.

Most of tunnels are exposed to cold winter, so pipes must be heated with heating cables.

Use of heating cable not only consumes electricity, but also risk fire hazard.

​We decided to apply IceProofy to the tunnel.

(The above image does not relate to tunnel project.)

First, measure the length of piping.

The length of the pipe is approximately the same as the length of the tunnel.

Calculate the number of products to install on each fire hydrant.

Ice Proofy installation diagram of tunnel fire hydrant pipes.

Draw a detailed blueprint.

Ice Proofy installation blueprint of tunnel indoor fire hydrant.

Simply, Installation is ready.

IceProofy’s construction period is very short and inexpensive.

Compared to heating cables in tunnels, it is as follow

With the above content, there is no fire hazard caused by aging.

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