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Fire protection system freeze prevention

Fire protection is a very important facility to protect assets from fire.

Therefore, you should prepare for its freezing and bursting in winter.

​However, improper installation or aging of heating cable creates fire.

Improper use of heating cable can cause fire.

If you do not wind up heating cable properly at free action valve, it can also freeze.

Frozen free action valve

Installation of IceProofy does not need power, so there is no fire risk, and no operational costs.

Also, installation is convenient since IceProofy can be installed at the end of pipes.

It can be installed as follows.

1. In case for installing at the middle of the pipe.

2. In case for installing at the free action valve.

3. In case for installing at the fire hydrant.

Photo of actual installation as above images.

Installation is very easy so installation period is short and do not need a lot of labor.

Depending on the area of the site, construction usually ends within 2 to 3 days.

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