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Installation of outside faucet of a cold region

There are many people who inquire how IceProofy works in a cold region.

First, it is a case that installed in the existing freeze proof faucet.

Freeze proof faucet is a way to prevent freezing by placing water

in the basement by removing the water from the piping coming up.

However, if you forget to unlock the freeze proof faucet valve, it will freeze.


If you try to open the valve by force, the plastic part will be damaged.

In addition, when the iron part rusts inside, it is damaged when it is old.

In case of breakage, freeze proof faucet will be replaced by digging the ground,

resulting in a lot of replacement costs.

Due to these problems, more and more people are using IceProofy.

The following is an example installed in the external drinking fountain.

Drinking fountain of public facilities is mostly closed in winter.

Short-term, they cut off water for three months long, four months or more

and civil complaints occur. It is not possible to shed water anyway.

We installed the IceProofy to solve this problem.

There is no need to worry about the person who manages even if there is an early cold wave,

and there is no cutting water matters in winter.

The following is an example of water installation in cold mountain regions.

It is not possible to extend the water piping later

so that the piping cannot be installed on the wall or the like.

Every time you discharge water, it will freeze it if you reduce the amount of discharging it.

Especially when the piping is buried in the wall, the insulation is not good,

or the wall is frozen in the case of severe cold, and the pipe inside the wall pipe is freezing.

If the inside of the wall freezes, pull out the wall pipe and connect the IceProofy.

If it freezes on the wall, it will be very difficult to dissolve it with thaw until the weather is released.

Therefore, even if you do not use IceProofy, you must prepare the heating cable or the insulation in advance.

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