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No Electricity Anti-Freezing

​Solution Ice Proofy System

Ice Proofy is the name of technology

that perfectly prevents freezing without power.




Planing to use
Ice Proofy



How Ice Proofy works?

How Ice Proofy works?

-  Ice Proofy is an automatic valve, which prevents the freezing of water pipes without using electricity.

-  If water temperature inside pipes drops below 1℃, it automatically starts to discharge water in the pipes to prevent the freezing of the pipe.

Ice Proofy On

If the temperature of the water in the piping is less than 1℃, Ice Proofy

discharges water to make is run trough

the pipe.

Ice Proofy Off

If the temperature of the water in the piping is greater than 1.5℃, Ice Proofy stops water discharge.

What is Ice Proofy System?

-  Ice Proofy System is a new solution that replaces the traditional heating cables to prevent freezing.

 - Electricity is not used; therefore, there is no additional electricity cost.

 - It is easy to install because Ice Proofy is installed only at the ends of pipes.

 - Insulation is not essential, so the installation cost goes down.

 - No risk of fire due to the aging of the heating cable.



동파 위험성 , 운영비 검토

기존의 동파방지 시스템의 동파 위험성 검토 및 운영비용 산정. 

​이에 따른 아이스프루피시스템 도입시 운영 비용 절감액 산출

배관 동파 해석

동파 위험 장소에 대한 배관 유동해석을 실시하여 아이스프루피 시스템 도입 바용 산출

동파 방지 배관 설계

유동 해석을 바탕으로 배관 디자인

​Ice Proofy Services

Analyzing dangers of freezing and operating cost.

-  Assess the risk of the existing freezing protection system and estimate its operational cost.

​-  Compute operational cost savings after installation of Ice Proofy System.

Analyzing pipe freezing.

-  Analyze the flow of the existing water freezing system at hazardous locations and compute its operational cost of installing Ice Proofy systems installation.

​Design and construction of anti-freezing systems.

-  Pipe design and construction based on flow analysis.

-  After construction, design modification and trial run.

Corporation History

2015 Released Ice Proofy water meter, and Union.

         Installed at apartments.

2014 Released Ice Proofy faucet.

         Partnership with Korea Water Resources Corporation.

2013 Released Anti-Freezer AF-3, AF-31.

         Installation at ironworks.

2012 Succeed in high-pressure water operation test and                started development of AF-3, and AF-31.

         Installation at Fleet Headquarters.

2011 Nominated as a Patent Star Company by Seoul City.

         Anti-Freezer selected as the Outstanding Product by              Public Procurement Service.

         Patent pending in the U.S., EU, China, Japan, and                  Russia.

         Testing in extreme weather army, heavy industry, and            local government.

2010 Released Anti-Freezer AF-2.

2009 Optimized displacement.


2008 Released Anti-Freezer AF-1.


2007 Researched drainage efficiency.


2006 Succeeded in high temperature test.


2005 Succeeded in extremely cold weather test.


2004 Patent for thermostatic fluid flow intermitting apparatus          approved. 


2003 Founded freezing laboratory.



For field assistance

For detailed inquiry and field assistance please call: 1588-9455 or fill out the form below.

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